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Presidential Foreword

Being merciful is a divine gift from God. All members of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paulhave been given this gift which enables the Vincentians to be engaged in doing charitable work of alleviating human suffering among those who are in need. It is God’s will that each individual should share his or her life with others, especially with those who are disadvantaged, so that the love of God may be revealed and shared with others in various communities. It should be remembered that for the sacrifices and suffering the Vincentiansencounter on behalf of the less privileged people, God has promised mercy on the last day to those who are merciful.
The Rule comprises of three sections. Part One reminds us of the main purpose of the Society, the relief of the poor and needy and the sanctification of our members’ souls. Part Two sets out the International Statutes by which the Society is governed. Part Three contains the specifically Zambian statutes in terms of which we are guided in the conduct of the Society’s work. All three together comprise the “The Rule.” Short stories about our Patron Saint Vincent de Paul and founder member Frederic Ozanam, and the Origin of the Society in Paris in 1833 have been included to give historical background to the Rule.
It is in the interest of all members to read and sometimes study the Rule to acquaint themselves with the structure and guidelines that pertain to the Society, internationally and locally. This will help with the growth and development of the Society and its members as one big family. In this vein we will see and understand that our work of our brothers andsisters in our own small communities, and those throughout the world. We all have one motivation and one aim, that is to serve our God in his poor.
With regards to this then, it is my hope that each member of our Society will acquire apersonal copy of the Rule, to read and study closely, and thus be able to refer to it whenneed arises. Conference Presidents are so much encouraged to fit into their programme ofSpiritual Reading some articles from the Rule. This could be done over a period of time. Letus not bluff ourselves that we can be loyal members to the Society without knowing its rulesand its spirit. Let us continue to be servants of the poor, and implement the new Ruleenthusiastically so that our beloved Society can grow from strength to strength. It is indeed an honour and privilege for me to be President at this great time and write this preface.

Thomas Kangwa
National President (2002- 2008)

First and foremost allow me to say thank you to God Almighty for bringing us thus far. Yes differences have been there but despite those flashes of differences we have remained intact just like when we were elected into office on Saturday, 29th July, 2017 and congratulations to you all for the mature way of resolving our differences.

Kenny Kachali
National President (2017-2022)

Download the President's Annual Report 2018 here.

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