Blessed Rosalie Rendu (1786-1856)

Also Known as 
Jeane Marie Rendu

7th Februaury

Eldest of four daughters in a middle class mountain family. When she was three years old, the French Revolution broke out.
Priests loyal to Rome were expelled, killed, or chased into hiding. jeannne' s family hid those who stayed to minister to French Catholics, claiming that they were hired farm hands; the girl made her first communion in her bassment at a Mass celebrating by one of these convert priests.

Her father died on 12th May 1796 when she was nine years old, and her baby sister a few months later,. Educated for two years at an ursuline boarding school in Gex, France. As a young girl she began working with the 'Daughters of Charity' at the local hospital. On 25th may 1802, at age 16, jeanne Marie went to the motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity in Paris to join them, taking the name Rosalie. The intensity of her new devotional life harmed her health, and she was transferred to the house in the Mouffetard District, one of the poorest in 19th Century Paris; she worked in the slum for 54 years. She worked with the sick and poor, taught catechism, and taught girls to read.
Superior of her community in 1815. She started a free clinic, pharmacy, school, orphanage, child-care center, youth club for young workers, and a home fro the elderely poor. Awarded the Cross of the Legion of Honour by Napolean III in 1852 for her charitable work; she wanted to refuse, as she sought no personal honour, but was ordered by her superiors to accept it. Blind during the last two yeasr fo her life.

9th September 1786 at Confort, Gex, France as jeanne Marie Rendu

7th february 1856 at paris, France of natural causes

24th April 2001 by Pope John Paul II

9th November 2003 by Pope John Paul II
Pending; if you have information relevant to the canonization of Blessed Rosalie, contact:
140, Rue du Bac
75340 Paris CEDEX 07, France

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Daughters of Charity of Saint vincent de Paul, Emmitsburg Province
Company of the Daughters of Charity
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L'Obsservatore Romano
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Never have i prayed so well as in the streets.
- Blessed Rosalie, talkingabout her work with the poor.

In an era troubled by social conflicts, Rosalie Rendu joyfully became a servant to the poorest, restoring dignity to each one by means of material help, education and teh teaching of teh Christian mystery, including Frederic Ozanam to place himself at the service of the poor. her charity was inventive. Where did she draw teh strength to carry out so many things? From her intense prayer, life and the continuous praying of the Rosary, which she never abandoned. her secret was simple: to see teh face of Christ in every man and woman as a true daughter of Saint vincent de Paul and like another Sister of her epoch, Saint Catherine Laboure. Let us give thanks for the witness of charity that teh Vincetian family gives unceasingly to the world!
- Pope John Paul II at the beatification of Blessed Rosalie. 

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